Winter Wrap Up

Winter is always interesting. It’s my birthday (and V’s), it’s mid year break, and it’s cold and dark most of the time. It’s a time to refresh, reset and renew and I’ve been busy publishing many things. I had interview articles published in print in Fleurieu Forager. My reviews have been published 14 times on Weekend Notes. I did a piece for Glamadelaide, which never got published as far as I can tell, but meeting Glenn Cooper was an early career highlight.

As winter is also the mid years break from my Ad Dip, it’s been nice to step away from my short story project and fall into the relative safety of journalism for a little while. Straight reviewing and reporting is easy.

Now winter is over and I’m right back in the thick of being creative and creating brand new stories. The creative process terrifies me at the beginning but I get into a groove when I finally find my narratives.

A man smoking a pipe while typing
A man smoking a pipe while typing. (Adobe Stock)

August marks this site’s second anniversary. Here is the very first post from August 2016! The site goes through ebbs and flows in traffic but I’m very happy with where it’s at right now, at about 500 views a month. I love its clean new look that focuses on writing.

I look forward to another season of bringing my writing business to life. If you haven’t subscribed below, please do so for updates.


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