Open post Stringybark forest on the trail below Crafers

Hike Between Pubs in Adelaide – Crafers to Mitcham – Aleblazers

Two bumbling blokes went hiking one day The two blokes caught a bus from the city to Crafers where they had a few pints by a crackling fire at the pub. They stumbled down the hill to the old freeway. They found the path across some of the steepest and wealthiest rolling green hills...

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Open post A flying fruit bat

Adelaide is Now Officially Bat Country

Bats… not just a few bats… thousands of bats. Adelaide isn’t used to having bats around. Until 2010, fruit bats weren’t even native to this part of Australia and that’s probably why people are still a bit freaked out. March always sees festival-goers crowd the Adelaide park lands, and for some of them, it’s...

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