Thompson Beach Day Trip

Thompson Beach is relatively close to Adelaide and is an ideal short day trip option. It has a wide sandy tidal beach that’s popular with fisherfolk for whiting and blue swimmer crab raking. You can drive onto the beach but you won’t get far and there’s really nowhere to go anyway.

It’s a beach best suited for wading and fossicking around on the sandflats. Tides mean that you may not even see the water when you arrive but when the tide moves, it moves quickly over the flats. You can go for walks through the Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary from car parks at the north ad south ends of the settlement.

As this is a bit of a short trip, you might like to explore St Kilda, just off Port Wakefield Road at Waterloo Corner. It has a pub, a kiosk, a massive adventure playground and a mangrove boardwalk. All stuff to make it a full day trip if you like.

This is one road trip you might want to make sure to pack lunch and hats and sunscreen for as there are no shops at Thompson Beach with only a few shelters and some basic toilets.

Read more about fishing at Thompson Beach here. If you’d like more information on Thompson Beach in general, click here.

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Looking back at a flat beach
A dirt road
A beach carpark
Car parked in a dirt carpark


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