Before starting a project I need written confirmation that I have been commissioned to work on a project for you and your acceptance of the estimate. This written confirmation binds you, the client, to these terms and conditions.

A contract will exist only between the client and I, not between me and any third party. The client agrees to indemnify me against any claim for compensation or damages brought about as a direct or indirect consequence of any work.

Copyright transfers to the client when final payment is made. Until such time the client is banned from reproducing, altering or redistributing any material by Michael Genrich unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Once copyright transfers to the client I retain the right to use it for my own promotional material.

I retain copyright if a project is cancelled at any stage.

Payment terms are a non-refundable deposit of 50% upfront. Balance is due seven days after the first draft is sent to the client. There is an allowance for two free rounds of amends. Further amends will be charged at current hourly rate. Should the parameters change, I reserve the right to increase costs.

Any agreed retainer fees are to be paid at the start of each month. Any work completed outside the agreement will be charged at the usual hourly rate.

I may exercise my right to recover debt through legal proceeding should the need arise.

I make every effort to proofread and fact check any work submitted to the client. There are no guarantees that all submitted work will be free of any typographical, grammatical or factual errors. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that all the material is factual and correct. You agree to proofread – or engage a proofreader to read – any material submitted to you and indemnify me against any costs that may arise from the appearance of any errors in any printed or published form. I do my best to ensure that my work complies with the law but it’s the client’s responsibility to submit all copy for legal review if required.

It’s the client’s responsibility to ensure any rights or consents have been obtained when reproducing such things as images and graphs, and the client indemnifies me of any legal repercussions that may be incurred on publication or distribution of such material by the client.

I agree to keep all material supplied by the client for the purposes of the project/s confidential and will sign a non-disclosure agreement if required. The client agrees to indemnify me for any claim for compensation or damages as a result of accidental disclosure or loss of information.

On receiving a request for a quote, and based on the information provided by the client via my briefing document, I will prepare a quote and reserve the right to amend this fee if the job takes longer than anticipated, or if the scope of the project changes. The client will be informed promptly and without prejudice in this case.

Once the estimate is accepted and the terms and conditions agreed to, I will send an invoice for the deposit (50% of the estimate).

The client agrees to return the briefing document and pay the deposit within five business days, before any work begins.

I’ll produce a first draft within the agreed time. Client amendments are to be returned in three business days. An invoice for the balance of payment will be sent within seven days of receiving the first draft. Two edits are provided free within seven days of final payment. For big jobs we can arrange milestone payments.

I’d prefer not to rush but if a project is urgent and needs me to move other jobs to fit it in or to work outside normal hours, a rush loading applies. I also reserve the right to ask for 100% upfront payment to secure my schedule for urgent work.

It’s in the client’s interest to give me all the necessary information to complete the project to requirements. If the project is rejected on the basis of style, composition, editing or my interpretation of your needs, amendments or circumstances, you (the client) are liable for the full cost of the initial estimate.  If you (the client) commissions me to write a first draft and then cancel the project for whatever reason, I will invoice you for the full estimate. Normal payment terms apply in these circumstances.

If the project is cancelled after confirmation but before work begins I charge 25% of the estimate.

If I cancel the job before it begins I’ll refund the deposit.

Should the client or I need to cancel the job at any time throughout the project, for any reason, I will send an invoice for any work completed at that time.

Any work for a monthly retainer requires up front payment. If the client wishes to cancel the work at any time before the agreed contract is completed they will be liable for the next month’s payment.