Signs of the Times Across Australia

Deep in country Australia there’s a constant cultural revolution.  Proud country towns have been ravaged by time and the changing economy. It’s the agricultural engine room of our nation. The new Australian identity is forming out here as fast as it is in the cities. To city slickers some of these are cute and some of the signs are funny. Out here they reflect a proud attitude to life. Fiercely genuine, adapted to harshness, and always battling to survive.



My favorite word-salad town in Australia – Manangatang! In VIC.
The sign welcoming drivers to Manangatang

At the Ralph Davies Tourist centre and memorial toilets in Hay, NSW, the toilets make the list of facilities before the local souvenirs get a mention.
Ralph Davies Tourism Centre

Pay cash! Get a free 1.25 litre soft drink! *scratcheshead*

Motel in Goolgowi

Oh the irony.

The signs of decay?  The signs of the long gone days when the highway was busier in Rankin Springs – NSW.

The old sign hanging outside the ling closed Blue Bird Cafe

Rankin Springs Caravan Park

Chillz at the grillz. Road-house place at Weethalle NSW, with some great food, sadly no roadkill.  Give em a like anyway.

Sign on the wall outside the shop.

Wyalong is just a bit east of West Wyalong. Wyalong has better festivals. Take that, West Wyalong…
A sign for the India of the west festival.

An interestingly named station near Moonie,QLD.
Sign to Monte Cristo

They did what?
Elephant on a train.

The history of cream, in twenty words.
The history of cream poem - Nanango.

On Tuesday, the pizza is cheap…ish.  Not ridiculously cheap and not regular price but cheap…ish.

Sign advertising cheapish pizza

I still haven’t worked out what this little bit of art is in Bellingen.

Bellingen Graffiti

When I’m in Nyngan, on the banks of the Bogan River, I choose to dine at Sherelle’s licensed restaurant.

I’m not sure if it’s the tyres or the whole place that’s been for sale for twenty years. Little Topar road-house, fifty five k’s past Broken Hill.

A typical outback road house

I think South Australia needs a new sign.

The leaving South Australia sign.

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