Universal Themes and Truths

We all see things differently

I’m a well regarded blogger, travel philosopher, published travel writer, explorer and truth-seeker. Have you ever been so driven…so curious about what’s around the next corner, that all of a sudden you’ve found yourself lost? Everyone has their own sense of destiny, and their own journey.

Some things are universal

In my years as a salesman, manager, and customer service professional I’ve learned how to moderate and soothe angry mobs, push the hard buttons, empathise with selfish people, and find a way to push forward. Staying focused on the journey rather than the destination uncovers universal themes and truths. It helps me to explore more, get confidently lost and happily stay that way.

The truth

These truths help me to understand the physical world, understand what’s inside peoples heads, and pursue my academic goals. Unlike the cat killed by curiosity, understanding truths helps me not to get squashed on the information superhighway.

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