River Murray Floods 2022/23 – South Australian Fast Facts


  • The 2022/2023 River Murray flood event in South Australia is surpassed only by the 1931 and 1956 floods
  • Peak flow rate at SA/VIC border – 22/12/2022 @ 185,860 ML/Day (1956 – 314,000 ML/Day / 1931 – 220,000 ML/Day)
  • Agricultural land area affected – 4000 hectares
  • Homes inundated in SA – @ 3500 (10% primary residences)
  • Levee failures – 14+

I travelled the length of the river in South Australia in December 2022 and January 2023 from the Victorian border to Murray Bridge to capture this once in a lifetime event. Check out the videos below:

Do you have any information about the 202/2023 River Murray Floods in South Australia? Head on over to YouTube via the links and let us know in the comments!

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Want to know more? Check out my blog to read older posts about floods and droughts in the Murraylands. For example, I cover the Marne River here.

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