Raising Awareness of High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder in Australian Teenagers

Australian teenagers are increasingly being diagnosed with ASD at an alarming rate. What is high-functioning autism? How does it play out in everyday life? How can you help?

‘I’m Just Different OK?’ is a multi-media project produced for Advanced Production Projects at the University of Adelaide by Michael Genrich and Joshua Tse. The project received 100% for outstanding creativity.

MichaeI – “I’m proud to be able to demonstrate my mastery of digital media to communicate across platforms. It’s also a very personal subject as I have a family member diagnosed with ASD.”

The campaign begins with a YouTube video.

The team set up an Instagram account to distribute short scenes cut from the video as reels. Producing video content suitable for YouTube and Instagram reels is challenging. It requires careful planning, production and post-production techniques to ensure that the content is optimised for both landscape and portrait screen orientations.

Michael – “I was pleased to be able to demonstrate my ability to create an animated character and original graphics in Adobe Illustrator and After Effects. My goal was to ensure that complex information could be easily digested and the content works across platforms.”

Check out the Instagram content here.

The website (created using Wix) acts as an anchor for all of the content. Have a look here.

Michael – “With this project completed and along with my other studies and experience – I have complete confidence in my ability to envision, research, plan, produce and measure a multi-platform communications campaign on any subject.”

Get in touch via the contact page if you’d like to know more.

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