A Trip Through Time on the Old Semaphore Line

A railway departures board

I arrived in Adelaide in 1987. That’s probably why I don’t remember seeing a railway line down Semaphore Road. It’s only been closed since 1978 but today you’d never know Semaphore had a busy railway line running down the main street with three stations. One station is still there today….

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Riverland and Mallee Railways

Waikerie, Loxton, Moorook, Barmera, Berri, Glossop, Renmark, and Paringa. All these riverland towns were once connected to Adelaide by rail, but you wouldn’t know it now. Let’s brush up on some history first before we get to the YouTube video at the end. Before European settlement, the First Peoples of…

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Hoyleton to Port Wakefield Railway Line

Sailing ships at a wharf

We’re going to explore the Hoyleton to Port Wakefield railway line. This section of railway line is significant because the bit we’re looking at eventually became part of two important South Australian railway lines. There’s a lot that’s confusing about the web of mid-north railway lines – hopefully this post…

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