A tree stump in the sand

Perry Sandhills

The Perry Sandhills are an incredible natural formation of sand dunes about three kilometres outside of Wentworth in western NSW. It’s a great place to practice photography, so me and a mate headed up from Adelaide on an overnight trip to catch the sunset on the dunes. I finally caught some halfway decent night sky pictures too!

I’ve written an article about Perry Sandhills for Weekend Notes and you can check out my writer profile here! I like to practice my writing by earning a little bit of cash from publishing articles with them.

Here’s some of the pictures I didn’t give to Weekend Notes.

There’s plenty of inspiration for photographers and writers out there in the Australian country.


  1. Darcy
    October 20, 2021

    Hey Michael is it possible to camp on the Perry Sandhills?

    1. Michael G
      October 20, 2021

      Hey Darcy,

      There’s no camping at Perry Sandhills. We camped at a caravan park nearby although the parks in Wentworth are not well-suited for small tents. If you find a nice spot please let me know!




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