Northern Connector looking north from southern interchange

Northern Connector Adelaide – Facts, figures, pictures and video


The Northern Connector is the brand-new 15.5 kilometre motorway connecting the Northern Expressway to the South Road Superway in Adelaide, South Australia.
The new motorway is the first concrete motorway in South Australia and the widest in the country.
Here’s some facts, figures, pictures and video from the community open day which was held in advance of the motorway’s much-anticipated opening some-time in March 2020.

Scroll down for the pictures, videos and maps.


  • 2016 – commenced
  • 2020 – completed
  • 110 kilometre per hour speed limit
  • 13 kilometres concrete
  • Two kilometres bitumen each end
  • Three lanes each way
  • 16 kilometre walk/cycle path adjacent
  • Four interchanges
  • 10 bridges
  • 10 minutes – saved travel time
  • 480 full-time jobs (equivalent) during construction
  • 2.8 million site labour hours
  • 550 peak number of people working on the project
  • 10% – Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander
  • 52% of workers from northern Adelaide
  • 96% of people employed from South Australia
  • 91% of business involved based in SA
  • 6500 tonnes of steel from Whyalla Steelworks
  • 175,000 cubic metres of concrete produced, that’s…
  • 70 Olympic pools (equivalent) in…
  • Two trucks (?), carrying…
  • 30,000 truckloads at up to 320 loads a day
  • 4400 tons of concrete laid daily, that’s…
  • 25 buses (equivalent)
  • 100% of cement and aggregate produced in SA
  • 1.3 million cubic metres of fill material brought in to complete the salt pan section
  • 900 trucks per day (up to) for the fill material.
  • 3.8 million cubic metres of fill material for the entire project
  • 68 storeys – the height that the concrete would reach if it filled Adelaide Oval
  • 300 mm – 1 metre – depth of salt removed
  • One or two utes scrapped due to salt corrosion
  • 230 kilometres of cable in the traffic management system
  • 200 metres – the distance the installed traffic cameras can read the writing on a milk carton
  • 900 precast concrete piles used for mangrove bridges
  • 636 precast bridge beams
  • 1,000,000 (almost) native trees and shrubs planted

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