How to Keep a Blog Going

You might remember my series about what’s in a blog and the discussions I had with a whole bunch of bloggers about how their blogs tick. Starting a blog is great but keeping it going is tough. Let’s talk about how to keep a blog going and how I keep building mine. It’s pretty basic but I hope it helps.

How to get views from blog content alone

Attracting views from search engines (without paying for it) comes down to how much originality and ‘authority’ your posts have, how recently you posted, how often you post and how long you’ve been posting, so keep posting. What’s authority? It’s how many people have read your post, how much time they spend reading it, and how much new information it contains. It also takes into consideration how many links your post has embedded in it, and how many people link to the post from other sites.

Keep going and you’ll get better

Don’t be disheartened. It takes time to build a set of content. Write 300 – 800 word posts about the sort of things you’d like to read. Don’t be afraid to learn by making mistakes and your writing will improve. That’s why I blog. It’s got to be engaging so don’t blather on. Google times how long people spend on each of your pages and posts. Include pictures and links, and give credit where due. Your best bet is to be as orginal as possible.

Find your thing

Find a theme (a niche) and try to stick to it. Building a library of related posts that you can cross-reference will enhance your credibility and increase views.

Reach out

Network as much as you can with other bloggers and participants in your niche. Comment on their social media and support the community. Ask if you can share. Reach out to ask other bloggers and social media people if you can share their content on your social media. Ask for their permission by email or message to link to their content in your articles. It’s a great way to open a conversation and maybe they’ll even share your content on their platforms.

Use social media and email

Use a few platforms. The website isn’t enough. I use YouTube, Facebook, Mailchimp, and Instagram, this way I have five potential outlets to promote new posts. Participate in forums on Facebook and other websites in your niche and you’ll stumble upon opportunities to share your content all the time.

Follow the examples

Watch what others in your niche are doing and if they succeed, give them a compliment! Then follow their example! I recently read that one of my favorite bloggers, John Feeney from The Hiking Society, earned a place in Feedspot’s Top 10 Australian Hiking Blogs and Websites in 2018!

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