Crystal Shower Falls – Dorrigo National Park

This is a fun walk down to some over-instagrammed but super-striking waterfalls.

The Dorrigo Rainforest Centre is about an hour and a half from Coffs Harbour and half an hour or so up the Waterfall Way from Bellingen. The sky-walk platform extends over the rainforest canopy to breathtaking views across the rainforest and valleys. You should at least go hiking down one of the trails to Crystal Shower Falls. It’s an hour walk down through the vine shrouded rain forest perched on the Dorrigo escarpment.Every now and then through the trees you’ll catch a glimpse of how breathtakingly high the mountains are. The path is well built with resting spots and bird-watching walkway with an information shelter half way through. Keep winding down through the forest until you arrive at the long suspension bridge that crosses the valley in front of the falls. On the other side you can walk down and then behind the falls themselves. Freshen up a little in the falls! It’s like a thousand icy needles massaging your head!

The walk back up can be tough though when you’re soaking wet.

What? Crystal Shower walk (part of Wonga Loop walk.)

Where? – Dorrigo Rainforest Centre, Dorrigo, NSW.

How long? The return walk from the centre and back takes two and a half hours.

How do I get there?  Drive up, or go on a tour.

Accommodation: Motels and accomodation nearby in Dorrigo, camp-site at Never-Never campgound. At Thora there’s a public RV and camping ground near the bridge. The whole Bellinger Valley has heaps of B+B’s, farm-stays and cottages.

What to look out for? Humidity, a change of dry clothes, stinging trees.

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