Monarto to Sedan Railway

An old railway bridge

Outdoorstype explores the old railway line from Monarto South to Sedan in 2021. The Sedan line was a branch of the main south line from Adelaide. Beginning at Monarto South, It ran 70 kilometres north to Sedan and opened in 1919. It had eight stations and goods sidings. These days,…

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Balhannah to Mount Pleasant Railway

A long abandoned railway line in the Adelaide Hills is now a popular bike trail. The Balhannah to Mount Pleasant line was opened in September 1918 and ran north through the Adelaide hills until 1963. That’s not a long life for a railway line. Big parts of it have been completely…

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Edinburgh Airshow 2019

The Australian Defence Force doesn’t always do airshows… RAAF Base Edinburgh hasn’t hosted an airshow for years and this one was the first opportunity to check out the F-35 Lightning in Adelaide. The base also hosts a huge army presence which was well represented. There was so much going on…

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