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South Australia’s National Park Camp Site Booking System

‘Booking’ your camp site and paying entry fees for national parks used to mean being first to arrive and pay at the money boxes or the park office. It was first in, first served. The online camp site booking and payment system in South Australia was introduced as a trial in 2013 and now...

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Open post Pontoon at Sunnydale

How to Catch and Cook Carp on the Murray River

In the wake of a spate of delicious looking carp belly salad pics on Facebook, Outdoorstype takes a closer look at carp in the Murray River. What are they and where are they from? Carp originated in Asia thousands of years ago and spread to Europe as an ornamental and aquaculture fish. They were...

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Open post A flying fruit bat

Adelaide is Now Officially Bat Country

Bats… not just a few bats… thousands of bats. Adelaide isn’t used to having bats around. Until 2010, fruit bats weren’t even native to this part of Australia and that’s probably why people are still a bit freaked out. March always sees festival-goers crowd the Adelaide park lands, and for some of them, it’s...

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