Earth Art Sky – Palmer Sculpture Biennial

The 2022 Palmer Sculpture Biennial is an almost ethereal exhibition of sculpture on a breathtaking property just outside the little town of Palmer. A unique combination of towering bare hills, rocky outcrops, and big sky makes a stunning canvas for the striking art works on display.

Palmer is a quiet little hamlet situated at the base of the eastern escarpment of the Adelaide Hills. It’s about 70 kilometres from Adelaide. The rocky outcrops above Palmer have been made into art for decades… probably thousands of years – now that I think about it. Like the iconic ‘Bear Rock’ (if you know you know). This sculpture exhibition takes this old local form of expression – etched onto the landscape – to a new level.

This amazing and inspiring exhibition is officially held every two years and there are so many artworks by property owner Greg Johns and artists from years gone by. Sadly I didn’t get time to see all of them. There’s still a a week left of it this year but I’m already looking forward to exploring more in 2024.

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