A campsite in the Adelaide hills..

Camping in the Adelaide Hills on the Heysen Trail

A campsite in the Adelaide hills..

So you want to know where you can go camping in the Adelaide Hills on the Heysen Trail? There’s a few caravan parks around the hills sure but there aren’t many bush camp sites in the Adelaide Hills. Grandpa’s Camp isn’t easy to find (that’s a good thing). All the nice places in the Adelaide Hills get trashed by vandals. I narrowed my search on Google maps and the online¬†Heysen trail maps. Determined to find it, I parked and trekked up Snake Gully to get a look at the only spot you can go bush camping in the hills close to Adelaide. You can always visit but will need a permit from Forestry SA to camp here.

(Edit : Paid camping is now available at Onkaparinga Gorge national park and campsites will soon be available in Para Wirra Recreation Park. Click here for details.)

Finding Grandpa’s Camp

After finally finding where the road ends, I hopped over a signposted gate and walked for ten minutes up the Heysen Trail, past some dams and a really nice house, into the forest. It’s not long before the camp is right in front of you. It’s got a fireplace, log seats, two shelters, and a stone table but bring your own water. The logbook has been filled out¬†by more active walkers, some of them even walking the Heysen trail end to end! There’s a small creek that runs in winter. This is a very peaceful place.

The details

To camp overnight there you’ll need to get a permit from Mt Crawford forest office. It’s part of the Forestry SA camping areas around Mt Crawford Forest. Check the site here for details. If you’re driving to the area, allow an hour or so to go get your permit from the office and get back. There is a long walk from your car – walking in from Cudlee Creek may be a good option. Please be sensible because there aren’t many places to park your car nearby. Also, check the link above before you go – Grandpa’s Camp is sometimes closed for maintenance.

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Click here for more info about camping in SA’s national parks.


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