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Pay Per Click Freelance Writing for the Web. Is it Good or is it Bad?

Here’s a snapshot and analysis of the mediascape as it pertains to pay per click (or revenue share) writing and self-publishing. The focus is on how much effort and income can be expected when participating in this sub-genre. The discussion is situated within the wider genre of freelance writing with statistics and academic insights. While...

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Earth Art Sky – Palmer Sculpture Biennial

The 2022 Palmer Sculpture Biennial is an almost ethereal exhibition of sculpture on a breathtaking property just outside the little town of Palmer. A unique combination of towering bare hills, rocky outcrops, and big sky makes a stunning canvas for the striking art works on display. Palmer is a quiet little hamlet situated at the...

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The Most Pleasant Things About Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant is a pretty little town at the junction of three of the most beautiful regions of South Australia. It’s just 55 kilometres from Adelaide and sits at the northern end of the Adelaide Hills. It’s considered to be a gateway to the southern Barossa Valley and is also just a short trip over...

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