The Art and Philosophy of Travel for Everyday People With Everyday Means

So much curiosity. So many questions. All but destroyed by mountains of content.


Laneway at Ulmarra, NSW
Laneway at Ulmarra, NSW

We watch another Gen Y or Z or millennial dispense with obligation to “travel the world”, or a family take three months off to do “the big lap”. What are they discovering that hasn’t already been discovered? What is the attraction of another “look at me” post carefully crafted to invoke envy? Let’s not be too judgmental. Travel builds character and mind. Why would you want to go somewhere if it wasn’t for your own curiosity? I’ll bet everyone has a story. Why would you go to experience the sights, tastes, smells and all the little details for yourself? Stop reading, start thinking and plan, plan, plan.

You don’t need my filters. You need to see it for yourself

You can already read countless stories of almost any place you like in books and online. Outdoorstype isn’t a click-thru-ratio driven content spam site about some niche market just designed to get people signed up to an email marketing course. So many sites these days aren’t really about travel, or health or whatever they profess to be about. It doesn’t take long to spot a sales scam. Usually it’s from the first email breathlessly exhorting that we only have three more days to take advantage of the special offer of an e-book about generating high traffic. And then the next email, then the next and the next.

Where do we travel and why travel there? How do we get from place to place and what does that say about our place, our status, our motives and our means? No one travels without making sacrifices. Nobody’s life is without checks and balances, obligations, and down times. Let’s try to connect with people who are curious enough to travel sometimes…

Let’s not just accept the travelogue of some far off adventure which to a family struggling with a mortgage and school fees is as far away as the moon. Let’s talk about the who, why, where, when, what and how.

Everything counts

There’s odd little festivals in places we take for granted. There’s the grind and drudge behind getting that elusive perfect photo. Tiny cartons of long life milk in motel fridges and sumptuous seaside seafood smorgasbords all have a place in travel stories. Stick with outdoorstype and we’ll explore all of it. Plans for a book to be published in late 2018 are well underway.

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