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Kim Reddy started her food, parenting, and fashion blog New Mumma Kim in 2015 and “enjoys sharing my stories and opinions on common parenting experiences.”

From New Mumma Kim
From New Mumma Kim

So how did it all start?

Way back in 2014 Kim saw a call-out online from a popular parenting website for parents to submit a real parenting story. It was her real story about the do’s and don’ts when visiting a newborn baby that went viral. Kim says “It was shared thousands of times because so many mothers could relate to the issues I had when I was in hospital with my newborn son.” The editor suggested that Kim start a blog, and New Mumma Kim was also born. Kim reckons that since then she’s not reached “influencer status” and that it’s all about a “bunch of parents who like to…read my posts.”

Adelaide isn’t an important factor in her blog but she’d “like to focus more on local parks and cafés we visit as well as the places we travel.”

What’s her process?

Her process is “post ideation, writing, editing, complimentary image/s, optimising, ensuring good SEO, good readability, then scheduling and social sharing.” Kim says that writing a post is a bit unstructured but she “kind of” has a process. She writes first, “often late at night because that’s the only time I get” then, “edit the next day or when I have the time.” Kim tries “to write as if I’m having a conversation with friends” adding, “my blog is real and casual”. Importantly, she mentioned the maintenance of the blog site and that bloggers often must pay “for hosting and scheduled site maintenance.”

Social media plays a “very big part” for New Mumma Kim. Kim explains “my audience lives on social media, particularly Facebook, so I spend lots of time engaging with them there.”

About where she’d like New Mumma Kim to go from here Kim says, “At the moment it’s a hobby, so I have no desire to make it into more than what it is, however I’ll embrace it if something does eventuate from it.”

Now you’ve heard it from the people doing it.

I loved Kim’s down to earth insight into blogging. It really does complete the picture of what is a blog, who blogs, and why. In addition, we’ve also heard about the processes each blogger uses to create a post and the gritty details of adding images and making sure the post is properly promoted. You should be ready to get started on your own blog now you’ve got the basics comment below or by email if you have any questions.

 Final article, thanks…

This is the final article in my series about bloggers. I’ve gleaned some  insight into how it all REALLY comes together from the people out there slogging away at it. It’s been transformational to my understanding of blogging. I’d like to thank every one of them for being so generous with their time.

Except fashion bloggers, they seem to live in a world of their own and never got back to me. Perhaps I should have sent them a Snapchat.

My focus has been on website blogs. To me, they offer the full range of capabilities and details that Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest cannot. To me they’re simply picture sharing apps and will never fit my definition of a real blog. Sorry instabloggers!

Thanks for reading. I hope you learned as much as I did!

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